Download the technology preview version of Kamion


Simple description: Kamion is a user-friendly user state migration and backup tool created for KDE 4. Meaning - it allows even the most inexperienced user to transfer program related data such as e-mail messages, IM program history as well as the configuration of those programs from one computer to another. It can be used for backup purposes too.

The name Kamion means "The Truck" (see the logo) in my mother tongue (Serbian language).

Longer description: Kamion is a project consisted of the library named libKamion, graphical user interface for QT4/KDE4, and a few console tools. This organisation is similar to the one of the Debian's APT (Advanced Packaging Tool).

The library manages the database about the location of the application data (such as e-mail messages from KMail of Thunderbird...) for each supported application; and creates/restores the Kamion archives.

The GUI represents that database (list of applications and their resources) in a user-friendly manner allowing easy creation and restoration of the data. For those that do not have the ability to run the GUI, there are console based tools that offer the same functions as the GUI but without the user-friendliness.